What Will 2009 Bring?
Wed, 31/12/08 – 22:49 | No Comment

Happy New Year from BigSERP!
We wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2009.
Check back with us in early 2009 for a design revamp and some more great insight on the search engine marketing industry.
Thank you for …

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Sending PPC Traffic to Homepage Vs. Landing Page
Tue, 28/08/07 – 16:24 | No Comment

With interactive Flash and offers to convert by it, any home page could be an effective landing page. But the reason why we send people to a landing page is because it is more simplistic with its navigation and more aggressive in its approach to lead generation. If you’d rather just have qualified eyes on a site with PPC, you could send your PPC traffic there, but you probably won’t get as many people filling out the forms. Which we know from years of experience that if you aren’t getting inquiries, you probably won’t be happy with the results from your search engine marketing campaign.

Need help building a killer landing page that will yield a much higher ROI than just sending your PPC traffic to your site’s home page? Fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch about how we can help you out.

Landing Page Design – Converting SEM Visitors for Top ROI
Fri, 3/08/07 – 17:07 | No Comment

You may have heard the term “landing page,” or may be quite familiar with it already. Either way, you must know this about them; landing pages can make or break your PPC/SEM campaigns! No matter …

Link Building Solutions – Getting Search Engines Votes For Your Site The Right Way!
Thu, 2/08/07 – 16:55 | No Comment

Are you inundated with online marketing ads promising first-page placement for ridiculously low monthly fees? Well, chances are if you’ve done enough investigating to find this page, you are not likely to fall for that …

Professional PPC Management – Best ROI For Your Business
Tue, 31/07/07 – 16:33 | No Comment

If you are running your business online, and are tempted to dive into search engine marketing (SEM), we strongly recommend that you choose a professional pay-per-click (PPC) management firm instead of trying to run the …

Blog Site Setup – Fast and Easy Business Websites
Mon, 30/07/07 – 16:23 | No Comment

When businesses come to us looking for marketing, and don’t have an existing site, they need a place to start. The first question we ask many business owners is “do you really even need a …

Landing Site Design – Giving Your Visitors More Freedom to Convert
Fri, 27/07/07 – 16:12 | No Comment

Landing pages are of course a vital part to any SEM/PPC campaign, but one thing that can be limiting with them is that they are very specific and need to be simple so that the …

Inbound Linking Strategies For SEO That Work
Wed, 25/07/07 – 21:35 | No Comment

The debate on whether SEO content or inbound linking matters more when it comes to getting your site ranked rages on. Bottom line though is that you’re looking at 1A and 1B. No other site …

Why Can’t I Have Built-In Validation On All Lead Generation Forms?
Tue, 24/07/07 – 0:31 | No Comment

Clients will often ask us whether we can set it up so that the contact forms on their lead generation landing pages have built-in validation to keep “fake” or “bogus” leads out of their contact …

Many “Bogus” Real Estate Leads Aren’t Bogus!
Mon, 23/07/07 – 22:05 | No Comment

Probably the most common question we get from real estate clients is: my website’s marketing is not working for me in terms of leads. I am getting leads but they are bogus or I contact …

Are My Big-Ticket Leads Dead?
Mon, 23/07/07 – 21:00 | No Comment

When working with a lead generation program for big-ticket items like cars, houses, jewelry, etc. some high-end clients will question the value of their leads. Some express frustration that those who submit their forms are …

What’s The Point In Using A Landing Page?
Mon, 23/07/07 – 18:48 | No Comment

This question comes up all the time in the search marketing industry: why should I even bother setting up a landing page for my pay-per-click account? Doesn’t my home page have all the information anyone …